Menkind acquires RED5

Menkind, the multi-channel niche gifts and gadgets retailer, has acquired RED5, the Hull-based consumer gadgets brand. Source link

Five arrests made in illicit tobacco raid

HMRC officers seized 3,500,000 cigarettes and over 150,000 cans of beer and cider from industrial units in the Tottenham area Source link

Customer Service for Grocery Stores Considered

We have all had great service before at the grocery store, where a clerk helped us immensely and we unfortunately have all had poor service as well, where we could…

Staffing Your Small Business – 5 Tips For Success

Running any small business always comes with its fair share of challenges-be it marketing, managing distribution channels or tracking revenue, but one problem that few think about it is staffing….

Retail SMB Forecast: Cloudy and Bright | Restaurant/Hospitality | POS News, Information and Resources

Restaurant and Hospitality Point of Sale Systems. An interesting read about Cloud based POS software systems and their usability Source: Retail SMB Forecast: Cloudy and Bright | Restaurant/Hospitality | POS…

How to Reduce Your Credit Card Processing Costs and Increase Your Profits Without Being Solicited To

Are you an existing business owner that accepts payment for your goods or services with the use of a credit card? Are you totally happy with your current provider and…

UK business ill-prepared for EU data regulation

A third of companies do not have a data breach response plan, while two thirds of customers would cease doing business with an affected organisation New figures reveal that midsized…

John Lewis sales down 0.6% last week

John Lewis saw its sales edge down 0.6% year-on-year last week as trade in London was hampered by the tube strike. Source link

Nutella fans get a personal promotion from Ferrero

Ferrero is aiming to tap the personalisation trend with £1.7m push ‘Your Nutella, Your Way’ Source link

Starting a Business – Do You Have The Time?

According to a United States Census Bureau survey of business owners, 51 percent will work over 336 days per year. 34.5 percent will work over 40 hours per week and…